Oak Flooring Perth suggests caring for your new European Oak floor with our approved OSMO cleaning mops, wash & care, wax and oil.


Dry Cleaning:

Sweep your floor regularly with a soft broom/brush or vacuum cleaner. General cleaning with a microfiber dust mop is recommended.

Wet Cleaning:

Regular damp mopping once a week is normally enough in a private home. Use a microfiber wash mop head (OSMO Opti- Set or an all in one Spray mop) with OSMO Wash and Care liquid as directed. A hand held spray bottle allowing a fine spray that puts minimal water on your floor to clean it. If the liquid does not evaporate within a minute or so, you are putting too much liquid on the floor. You should only need to spray the floor when the wet microfibre pad becomes too dry. Ensure excess liquid is removed before reapplying as you don't want to saturate your floor. OSMO Wash and Care has natural oils and prevents the floor from drying out. Avoid using aggressive all-purpose cleaners.

NOTE: Only use a damp-not wet-mop! When required, dry afterwards. NO STEAM MOPS.

Intensive Cleaning and Refreshing:

Clean and refresh Oak flooring from time to time with OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner

(Commercial use OSMO Maintenance Oil) when needed. The protective oil-wax layer will regain its special shine. For larger areas we recommend a FloorXcentre machine.

NOTE; For white oiled floors use Liquid Wax Cleaner in White Transparent.

(Commercial use OSMO Maintenance oil)


To retain the look and value of your Oak floors over the years, worn areas must be retreated with OSMO Polyx Oil. This can also be used for spot repair on minor scratches and worn areas.

All Hardwood natural floors need to be protected from excess heat sources such as direct sunlight, gas or wood fires.

Climate control needs to be maintained to protect your floors. Humidity is to be between 35-65%. You can use humidifiers or de-humidifiers to achieve this. Excessive humidity can swell and create cracks in the boards.

Climate controllers such as Air Conditions are recommended and the boards will acclimatise to them being used on a regular basis. Homes that are uninhabited for prolonged periods or do not have Air Conditioning can be more prone to extreme climatic conditions and become kiln like. To avoid swelling or cracking it is necessary to take the above steps.


PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF STEAM MOP OR WET MOP. A pre-finished floor is not a sealed floor.

Don’t let sand, dirt or grit build-up .They act as sandpaper and can be very abrasive and will damage or dull your floor finish.

Don’t let your pet’s claws go untrimmed, proper trimming helps avoid unnecessary scratches or gouging particularly by larger animals.

Don’t walk on your Oak floor in heals that are in poor condition, try and keep your heels in good repair to prevent any marking as such.

Don’t slide furniture on the European Oak flooring, it must be picked up and placed.


Use protective caps or pads on the feet of your furniture.

Always remove spills immediately. If stain is still there, apply wet (not dripping) white fabric on top of it with a bit of weight, this will help to absorb the stain. Keep replacing until stain is removed.

Use only specialised hardwood designed vacuum cleaners and heads. They must have wheels and head fibres in good working order that do not scratch the floor.

Ensure mats are placed at exterior doors to trap sand and grit. Use rug’s or mats in high traffic areas, at the end of the steps and near doorways. Try and avoid rubber backing or non-ventilated rugs.

If the European Oak is laid in the kitchen's fridge and dishwasher sections, it is highly recommended using 3mm ply board piece that can be placed in front of the recess, then the appliance can be placed on top to push back into the recess and removed later to help prevent any scratching or damage occurring when moving into place.

After installation you will need to clean your floor even though Oak Flooring Perth will initially clean your floor after installation to remove any glue, we cannot always ensure every bit of residue is removed and it is recommended to lightly mop (do not saturate) your new floor with a hot water and methylated spirit wash (3 parts water / 1 part methylated spirits) to remove any dirt or dust or glue residue via a spray bottle as per the above application.

Please note we do not clean homes as there may also be some sawdust from cutting that may blow into your home where we are cutting outside which sometimes cannot be avoided.

We hope you find these instructions helpful and to insure your new floor maintains its appearance we recommend you follow the above Maintenance Guide. Using improper cleaners, not following Oak Flooring Perth’s Maintenance Guide or failure to seek advice may void your warranty. If you have any doubts or queries we welcome your enquiry by either calling our showroom on 9249 3780 or via email ##########


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