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Assuming you’ve read our other articles about Engineered Oak Flooring, by this time it is safe to say that you have decided to spend your money on a flooring choice that has multiple benefits that supersede all the other options you have been looking at on the market.

The argument in your mind is already done and dusted but now you need to be aware of what crucial choices need to be made in regards to your Engineered Oak Floor. At Oak Flooring Perth we desire to help you with this process to make sure you choose the best option afforded to you.

But just in case you have not come to this decision yet and are still grappling with what flooring choice to pick, read our article titled “WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE ENGINEERED OAK FLOORING?” to help aid your decision.

If you have already done this, then here are some vital questions you need to ask yourself before picking your type of engineered floor:

1.What Kind of Theme Are You Trying to Set for Your Property?

This originally does not strike you as an important question but it is one that does deserve a fair amount of consideration for many reasons.

The Oak Range you choose will either compliment your house and showcase its beauty or it could stand out for all the wrong reasons making your home look incredibly awkward. The Possum range for example is perfect for rooms with dark wall colours such as grey where as it would not do so well in a room with red walls while the Corn range is ideal for rooms with brighter coloured walls in sunny environments because the colour texture of this range will add a sense of beauty to the already existing marvellous appeal of the room.

2.What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Have?

This is arguably the most important question that you have to ask yourself when settling for your Engineered Oak Floor. The type of floor that a stay at home mom, with two young children and a dog needs will differ greatly from what a young unmarried person who is rarely home will need.

For the stay at home mum or anyone whose house experiences a lot of activity, we recommend the Exquisite Engineered European Oak 2200 x 240/220 x 20/6mm (6mm wear layer) Direct Stick.

The main reason for this is that a thicker wear layer implies the floor can be sanded and refinished many times. If you have a busy home, it is quite likely that your floor will experience some wear and tear and as such we encourage you to get an Engineered Floor that promises longevity and essentially value for your money.

While on the other hand if you are the young unmarried person or someone who does not have much activity occurring in their home, we advise you to purchase the Enchanting Engineered European Oak 1860 x 190 x 15/3mm (3mm wear layer) Direct Stick.

If you are rarely home and do not have any children or pets, then your lifestyle may not require a floor with a large wear layer because the likelihood of wear and tear is minimal. However, if you have a tendency to wear high heeled shoes in your home, we suggest that in such a case perhaps choosing one of our 4mm wear layer boards would be best.

3.What Kind of Subfloor Do I Have?

When setting up your Engineered Oak Floors it is very important to be aware of the present subfloor you have. Placing your Engineered Floor boards on the wrong subfloor or a sub floor in a very poor state could cause irreparable damage to your boards.

The boards we have at Oak Flooring Perth are highly versatile, working well with many subfloor types, some of these include Concrete, Plywood, Ceramic tile, Cork underlayment, Marble, OSB, Vinyl and Particle board.

Each of these subfloor types require a specific way in which they are to be prepared, we recommend that you obtain guidance from specialists on how to install the boards on your particular sub floor if doing a DIY installation.