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At first glance the term “Engineered Oak Flooring” creates a picture in the mind of a cheap laminate floor that only tries to resemble oak, but at Oak Flooring Perth we aim to show that our Engineered Oak Flooring is neither cheap or just simply an imitation but rather serves to be a better choice.

It is done by bonding layers of plywood which tend to be between 3 to 12 layers, thereby creating a core board that is quite strong and just as stable. It also includes a face layer of solid oak. Engineered Oak Flooring is truly simple to install and worth the money spent on it.

They are multiples advantages and just as many reasons for choosing European Oak Flooring over other Flooring options. Some of these include:

Great For All Types Of Rooms and Suitable For Under Floor Heating.

This type of flooring is superior to other flooring choices due to the way in which it is designed, this particular combination of layers makes it suitable for all rooms.

It is capable of handling fairly wet and hot environments making it truly the prime choice for anyone wishing to have versatility in their flooring choice. This versatility makes it the preferred choice for kitchens and bathrooms in many households.

These boards also have the additional bonus of being suitable for under flooring heating, which is growing in popularity especially in colder climate regions.

Can Be Resanded and Refinished.

These are huge benefits for any building owner;

The fact that the boards can be refinished allows for a better maintained look of the floors depending on whether they were vanished or if penetrating sealer was used which can affect the overall look of the boards. Better looking boards also can increase the value of the building for the owner and refinishing the floors decreases the likelihood that one would have to replace their floors in the near future.

Meanwhile the main benefit of resanding is that it can get rid of any dents, scratches or other marks on the floor allowing one to have the flawless floor they previously had.

Easy Installation.

Whether a DIY or a professional installation is undertaken, Engineered Oak Flooring is suitable in any case. Although it is recommended that if one has little to no experience with installation of these boards they should seek professional help to avoid the risk of wrongly placing the boards.

Variety in Colour and Looks.

Engineered Oak Floors have been in existence since the 1960s and have taken leaps in the improvement of their appearance since then.

With colours such as Pearl, Corn, Han Dynasty, Silver and Doyle on offer by Oak Flooring Perth you can have access to true beauty and variety in colours.

These different colours and looks meet the needs of everyone regardless of what they may be looking for.

High Durability.

Since Engineered Oak Flooring consists of many layers of plywood, this design makes the boards tough and very difficult to dismantle.

With the added strength of each layer the floors are able to withstand pressure much better than other flooring options.

Looks Like Real Wood.

Engineered Oak Floors look just like real wood and are much cheaper as an additional benefit. Even the most trained eye would have a hard time differentiating engineered wood from real wood. The solid oak top layer of the engineered oak aids to the difficulty in being able to tell the difference easily.