09/12/17 09:51:am

This is one of the more classic colour ranges, which people tend to be aware of unlike many of the other ranges and is a household favourite with good reason. Classic, vintage and refined are a few words of many that can be used to try and describe this magnificent oak range.

The antique range has an overall dark brown colour with few patches having a light brown construct which gives it the vintage appeal it is well known for. Just its appearance draws one’s mind to think of a hardwood tree or in some cases exquisite timeless wooden furniture, which tends to be the case for most people.

The Antique range makes one feel right at home, it is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to create a home that makes one feel like they are in a family centered household and to top it all off it is the very best choice for buildings that are built using wood such as cabins as it truly makes one feel like they are in the serene outdoors surrounded by nature. It is a strong candidate for any home owner.