09/12/17 10:10:am

Another quality oak range supplied by Oak Flooring Perth is the Pearl Range. Words such as beautiful or exquisite do not begin to describe this specific range or do it any justice.

This bright yellow and drenched brown range colour construct is just incredible to look at, the yellow portion of it is very rich and resembles the same colour of fresh corn or ripe bananas and the brown reminds one of clean cut wood.

This range would brighten up every person is day and leave them feeling elated. The bright yellow would put a smile on the face of anyone and the brown helps add to the classic home feel that many home or business owners strive for. The biggest mistake one would make in choosing Pearl is to have it in fairly dark rooms. Its colours will do exceptionally well in bright rooms and this makes it the perfect range choice for properties that need a little bit of joy in them like nurseries and hospitals.